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LPR has been an industry leader throughout the continental United States working in the commercial and industrial sectors on both small and large complex projects.

As the inventor of 100% fall protection above 6’-0” for steel work and partner in the VPP for 24 years, LPR has set the standard for safety nationwide. LPR’s EMR has been 0.90 or under 1995 and TRIR under 2.0 since 2015.VPP for 24 years.

As a merit shop contractor, LPR takes responsibility for the necessary training of the ironworkers, crane operators, and welders through our certified with National Center of Construction Education Research (NCCER) program.

The ultimate goal of the LPR Pre-Construction Engineering Team is to increase safety, efficiency, and productivity by utilizing virtual construction visualization technology in the office and the field.



For over 25 years, LPR is the only steel erector nationwide in VPP and holds the longest consecutive certification status.


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