This project consisted of equipment setting and specialty millwright services for the North American Stainless Line 6 Bright Annealing Cold-Roll Steel Mill. LPR managed storage/material handling of the equipment as well as final alignment services that were coordinated with SMS out of Germany. The line consisted largely of high precision millwright work and setting the processing equipment at +/-0.2mm tolerances. There were 188 equipment elements some containing multiple pieces to complete the specific installation, 100 tons of structural supports, multiple drive and idler rollers, 61 motors/drives (largest was the main at 1000 HP), belt conveyors, 2 exhaust systems and a 190-foot-tall looper tower. Additionally, survey requirements were in the mechanical scope of supply requiring installation of 153 embedded survey bench markers. The complexity of the job was high due to the height of the looper and low tolerances. Manpower reached its peak at roughly 50 ironworkers and specialty millwrights.


Ghent, KY


North American Stainless

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